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Great Tale - Introductions [Aug. 21st, 2006|04:58 pm]
Sonorous Herald
The fire in the library was starting to peiter out and so too the light it gave was fading. Julius leaned forward in his leather armchair and looked deep in thought. Perhaps to subconsciously get closer to the ebbing flames and their warmth. The room was encased by walls of shelves carrying a heavy load of mostly leatherbound books. The kind of library containing classics and rarities that would have had the Alexandrian Library jealous, if it had still stood. Julius had collected a vast majority of the jewels here, not to mention the artifacts dotted about nestled in relevant backlit coves created by the corners and low vaulted ceiling. His long blonde hair fell loose about his shoulders and the natural wave around his ears and brow caught momentary glow from the fire in front of him. The look of a young man of 30, his forehead was furrowed, as he solved a puzzle in his mind. Not even the sound of Ophelia humming to herself as she sauntered around the library shelves, caressing the spines of each book at shoulder height as she passed it with her slim and fine fingertips, stirred him from his quarry. She moved whistfully along every shelf she came upon, like a cat follows the line of buildings as it travels through the night. Never really looking at the great names in embossed gold that she was touching. She was humming a song that had been written for her once upon a time, by some lover in the distant past. He was now long forgotten along with the words to the melody. To say that she was flighty would be cruel. She was more intelligent than that, but sometimes self-absorbed would be accurate. Also blonde and blue-eyed like Julius, she had all the stature and grace of a fine sculpture that could be found in many a great man's inner sanctum. She had chosen to wear something from the 17th century and so it was empire line and soft and showed her slim but curved shape to it's best. One thing she did know was how to dress and she revelled in it. Her hair was tucked up into rolling locks behind the crown of her head with pins embellished with peridot, to match her pale green gown. She was, however, barefoot, so secretly she was sliding her feet over the very smooth and varnished wooden floor and enjoying it. Now and then, when reaching the end of a bookcase and as she swung around it to continue along it's opposite side, she would glance at Julius and visualise him in different costumes. An array of outfits from times goneby. She did like, that he too dressed well and was looking daper in a German uniform from WW1. Though his hair would not have been in-keeping with the trend of the time, it suited him so well. But then all uniforms suited Julius, he had the frame for it. Finally she reached the last book on the last shelf, pressed upon the last all of the library walls and leaned against the first of the two door cavity that lead to the gallery corridor beyond, where paintings of the greatest men and women of history were hanging in respectfully guilded and trimmed frames. Lest they forget that anything is possible. The door itself was open and the second door, one metre further back was visable. Ophelia's gaze happened to fall down to the floor and into the recess of the door portal, where it fell upon Dante, a younger man than Julius appeared. The age of 21 or so, if it were guessed. He stood facing and pressed aginst the first door, his cheek touching the cool veneer. He had been surveying the library from this point. Julius, deeply engrossed in some conundrum while Ophelia drifted about, dreaming of romance. Dante was slight in build, dark of hair and eyes. Nothing like the two we have already met. He gives the air of cautious and whiley. Quite dashing all the same. Chisled looks with something resembling fire that glowed from his more olive complexion. He had a more Spanish appearance and wore what looked like highway man's garb. He slid his fingers over to the edge of the door where Ophelia, herself, the very image of spring youth at 16, smiled and kissed their tips, before she span slowly around and away into the open space before her, where the Thulean Sun Wheel was marquetried into the solid and glistening floor. Swirling like a dervish, face raised to the one skylight in the ceiling directly above the the centre of the wheel below. Dante drew his fingers back and licked them where they had been kissed and smoothly used the shadows in the room to bring himself to the map table where he flicked at a quill that Olaf was using to mark an area on an antique map of Greenland.