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Peregrine [Jan. 16th, 2007|11:36 pm]
Sonorous Herald
My name is Peregrin. That's the name they gave me. I will never know what the name my mother gave because I never knew my mother. My other unknown is my birthday. I grew up being told that was a blessing and with no specific day to be harnessed to, I could choose everyday, if I wanted to. It was estimated that I was roughly 24, but again, with just appearing on their doorstep one night with no memory of anything previous to my arriving there, it was decided to check my teeth and guesstimate approximately. They had discerned I must be around 5 years old when they gained me. They had taken me to the Well-maker after a week or two, to see if my memory could be found. He told them that it would return naturally or never at all. It never did rear it's head. Looking back on what effect that had on my view of the world, I can say that it caused a distance between me and it. Don't make the mistake of thinking I am cold. I'm just more prone to watching than joining in. After 10 years of caring for me, they were suddenly gone. They took a trip without me for one weekend and they never returned. No-one else appeared either. I waited for 2 weeks and nothing. I came to the conclusion that if I stayed there I would die so I had to move on. Packing things that I instinctively felt I would need and setting off into the wyld that surrounded my former home. The next few years; I counted at least three winters; I roamed. No schooling or fixed abode. Blewing into a town for a short while then again moving on before anyone got too close or before the authorities restrained me. I met literally thousands of people. Helped plant many a garden or fixed a gutter here and there, to make my way. Of course, there were individuals I liked more than others. that's only natural. However, the moment I felt a pang for the company of any one person it was twinned with agoraphobia. This travelling, remaining rootless, suited me. Perhaps They had known this about me when they named me Peregrine.