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An Instant of Future Present. [Aug. 23rd, 2006|08:40 am]
Sonorous Herald
Have you ever been in a café listening to your companions chattng about life and love in a childish manner. You don't think yourself better; you just don't feel like contributing. So you look around wistfully and your gaze falls upon a fair face looking in from the street on to the scene inside and behind you. The face strikes you as amazingly beautiful. No falseness about it; clear, fresh and young. They cast their gaze about the story unfolding without really centering on any one person. You find your own reflection in the window pane and super-impose it upon their's. In that split second before they notice you, smile and scurry on, you can see a face made of yours and their's. Did you imagine it to be what your child could look like, once grown, should you and that one stranger become one?